With the ever increasing ability to be anywhere and everywhere else, now remains an elusive destination. Reconciling the past with the future, JayVe Montgomery’s work is time traveling to the pre(-)sent, the gift of now. His work reveals his adherence to improvisation and chance as a way to explore evolutionary learning, dreams and unintended subjective meaning through randomized being.

epigenetic tendency

towards (to waves)

exploring being relative

to someone who has listened to,


the sounds at the bottom of a

slave ship

and rewarded in this afterlife by

being purchased for animal

husbandry and other common tasks

of human livestock...


Of Jamaican and Louisiana Creole descent, Abstract Black / Jayve Montgomery was born at Ft. Hood, Texas on the last day of 1979 and raised a dependent of the department of defense in Berlin, Germany, before and after the wall; Rayne, Louisiana, before the frogs left; Columbia, SC, a home of the confederate flag; and Ft. Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne Division. Montgomery received a double BA in Japanese Studies and Anthropology from Centre College of KY and has also studied sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He is a Nashville sound artist and multi-instrumentalist of the Chicago school of Free, Creative, and Improvised musics, Sonic Healing Ministries sector. He was Senior Program Specialist for the Chicago Park District’s Inferno Mobile Recording Studio (2006-2013), a collaborative sound making program for youth and people with disabilities. He was also a curator and artist-in-residence at Brown Rice (2008-2012), an art space for listening in Chicago, IL.

Since moving to Nashville, he has become an integral member of the improvised and experimental music scene of the city and region; gaining local recognition for Nashville Scene solo performance of the year 2019; and becoming alum of Pitchfork Music Festival (Standing on the Corner), High Zero Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music, and True/False Film and Music Festival.